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Estimator Locator Logos

Estimator Locator Logos


The goal for the client was to create sub-brand logos for the various web products under their main brand logo. The main logo was provided by the Client and needed improvement, so it was suggested that a redesign of the main logo would be best so that an improved opportunity for branding cohesiveness for the logo family could be achieved.



The icon of the original lettermark was definitely strong and unique enough to keep so the approach was to design a set of lettermarks around that. Once the typeface was chosen, sized, and kerned, and a color palette decided upon, color variations were presented and decided upon as well. Branding guidelines were created for other users of the lettermarks to understand how to use them.



A logo that had poor execution of design principles with typography, color, scale, alignment, and overall aesthetics was improved to more easily include the addition of sub-brand logos in a cohesive manner.  The designer and developers of the website that the logos were created for also had a better experience utilizing the logos for work they were hired for.

Old Lettermark
Color and size options.
New Lettermark with Sub-Lettermarks
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